The research aims to know the effect that the economic units administration exercises in providing appropriate solutions to confront the crises that impede their work. In addition, conducting studies and proposals to prevent recurrence of crises in the future. This goal is achieved by studying how Al-Hussein Teaching Hospital faced the crisis of the Corona epidemic during the period from February to June 2020. The comparisons are  made between the situation before the crisis and the current situation, and a set of proposals are reached and the research hypothesis are tested.The most important finding of the research is the contribution of the transformational leadership in providing appropriate alternatives to address the crises facing the various economic units. Through the administrative flexibility available to them and their response to change in a timely manner, as well as determining the size of the appropriate change for the crises facing the economic units in a manner that achieves the required efficiency, the hospital achieved the required outcomes.The most important thing recommended by the research is the necessity of activating health measures for the purpose of providing health awareness to the general public in order to take preventive measures to reduce infection with the virus, as well as working to lengthen transformational leaders in hospital administration for the purpose of achieving rapid and efficient response to health crises.

Adnan Rahim Nour *a

Al-Muthanna University /College of Administration and Economics.

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