The study aims to highlight the role of interactive marketing in the marketing process and its reflection on e-marketing in addition to identifying the most influential factors of the dimensions of interactive marketing in facing the challenges of electronic marketing in the researched field. This is represented in the shopping centers in the city of Mosul, the fact that its environment is developed and used websites to market its products. The researchers sought to include a number of questions expressing the study problem, which were the basis for building the field aspect of the study, including: is interactive marketing an essential input to face the challenges of electronic marketing? To answer this question, a hypothetical scheme of the study was formulated to reflect the relationships between the two study dimensions, which resulted in a set of hypotheses that were tested using a number of statistical means for the data collected by the questionnaire distributed to three shopping centers, namely (Al Alamiah Mall, Dania Market, Mall 1: 10) whose number reached (80) and only (66) of them were retrieved.  The study reached a set of conclusions, including: The results of the correlation analysis revealed the existence of direct, unimportant relationships between the dimension and the variables of interactive marketing and after the challenges of electronic marketing, varying in their values, and this shows the dependence of all on one another.

Bashar Thakir saleh *a        ,      Zaman Abdullah Adhamb

University of Mosul/ College of Administration and Economics .

Key words: interactive marketing, e-marketing challenges.

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