The research aims to identify Islamic banks and some of their financing tools issued by the (AAOIFI) represented by, participation , speculation and international auditing standards, and this is in the theoretical aspect of the research. As for the practical side, an audit program has been proposed for these tools according to Islamic and international auditing standards. On the hypothesis that ((The proposed auditing program prepared according to the Islamic and international auditing standards assists the auditor when auditing the financing tools of Islamic banks to verify the accounting measurement and disclosure and the extent of compliance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia)).  The research reached a set of conclusions: the most important of which is that there is no audit program for the financing tools of Islamic banks whether with the auditor in the offices of auditors or in the Federal Office of Financial Supervision. The most important recommendations are the necessity of adopting the proposed program when auditing financing instruments, research when verifying measurement and disclosure in the financial statements of Islamic banks.

Key words: audit program, financing instruments, Islamic banks, Islamic and international auditing standards, AAOIFI.

Mustafa k. karem*a    ,      khawla H. Hamdanb

University of Baghdad /Post- Graduate Institute of Accounting and Financial Studies.

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