The current research seeks to clarify the role of supplementary and complementary fit between the leader and the subordinate in enhancing inclusive leadership behaviors through the mediating role of overall fit to a sample of heads of scientific departments at the universities of Al-Qadisiyah and Al-Muthanna. A set of theories, researches, and studies were adopted to study and analyze variables and test the hypothesis of the research. The research relies on the questionnaire as the main tool for collecting data. The data were collected from (103) heads of scientific departments /branches of (33) faculties. A set of statistical methods were used such as Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Descriptive Statistical Analysis, Structural Equation Modeling, by statistical programs (AMOS 24, SPSS V.24). The study reached a set of conclusions, the most important of which is that the supplementary and complementary fit between the leader-subordinate has a positive influence on the inclusive leadership behaviors. The overall fit has exercised the role of partial mediation between supplementary and complementary fit and inclusive leadership behaviors. This supports the hypothesis of the study.

Amer Ali Hussein Al-Atwi *a     ,     Kamal Kazem Al-Hassani b

Al-Muthanna University /College of Administration and Economics.

Keywords: Supplementary and Complementary Fit, Overall Fit, and Inclusive Leadership.

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