This research aims to discover the potential role of events marketing in promoting the brand’s love for Zain Iraq for mobile communications , The research presented a theoretical framework on the administrative and marketing contributions about the two research variables, as well as the practical framework represented by examining the nature of the relationship and influence between each of the marketing of the event image as a separate variable, which is represented by (innovation of events, appropriateness of events, efficiency of events) depending on the model (Leischniget al ., 2011), and love of the brand as a dependent variable which is (passion for the brand, duration of the  relationship, self- congruity , dream, memories, pleasure or pleasure) depending on the model (Albert et al ., 2008) , This prompted the researcher to build a hypothetical model of the research that included a set of main and subsidiary hypotheses. The research had two samples, the first for Zain Iraq employees amounted to (73) distributed at multiple organizational levels, and the second amounted to (350) for the company’s clients, The researcher used the questionnaire to collect data, and the statistical program (SPSS) was used to analyze data and test hypotheses, The research reached a number of conclusions, the most important of which was the love of the brand subject to the influence of the image of events, as whenever the perceptions and beliefs that the customer retained in his memory were positive, the relationship was immediate, and in light of those conclusions recommendations were formulated, the most important of which is the company’s management to stimulate the customer’s thinking to participate or Experience events by focusing on the spatial and temporal aspects of the event, i.e., conducting it in a temporary location and a short time.

Key words: event marketing, event image, event efficiency, brand love, dreaming, self-congruity.

Atheer Abdulameer Al Mashady *a       ,        Huda Mahdi Hasanb

a Al-Qadisiyah University / College of Administration and Economics.

b Imam Al-Kazim College /Diwaniyah Sections.

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