This research aims to analyze and discuss the impact of internal and external determinants on the continuity of profits and the market value of commercial banks. Three of the internal determinants were chosen, namely, capital adequacy, asset quality and liquidity. Two external determinants were chosen, represented by the gross domestic product and the annual inflation rate.This research is applied on the National Investment Bank listed on the Iraq Stock Exchange for the period 2009-2018. The descriptive analytical approach is used in describing, analyzing and measuring all variables through the actual financial data available from the bank, with the aim of evaluating and measuring independent and dependent research variables, and analyzing their relationship. The correlation and impact between them, as an analysis of variance using the program (spss) is used to measure the correlation and impact relationship between the results of the internal and external determinants used in the research and between the continuity of profits and the market value.This research reached a set of conclusions, the most important of which is the existence of a significant statistically correlation with the ratio of capital adequacy and gross domestic product, liquidity, and annual inflation rate with the continuity of profits. However,  there is no correlation for the quality of assets with the continuity of profits, as there is the correlation relationship with significant statistical impact and significance for the quality of assets, liquidity, and gross domestic product with the market value. In addition , there is no correlation between the capital adequacy ratio and the annual inflation rate with the market value during the research period.

Key words: internal determinants, external determinants, continuity of profits, market value.

Saud Jaid Mashkour *a        ,      Mustafa Razzaq Fuleih b

Al-Muthanna University / College of Administration and Economics.

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