Publication Instructions:

The rules and instructions for publication in Muthanna Journal of Administrative and Economic Sciences are as follow:

MJAES is a quarterly journal that is specialized  in publishing  theoretical and applied researches that develop the cognitive aspect in the fields of administration , economics, accounting, and statistics.This Journal is issued by the College  of Administration and Economics at Al-Muthanna University/Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Iraq and it is accredited for the  scientific promotions.

The articles should be written in a well-formed Arabic or English and  have not been published or submitted for publication in any other journal. The submitted articles will be  subject to scientific evaluation and researchers are required to pay all costs incurred by the evaluation and publication procedures.

The researches that are submitted should be printed with single space between the lines, provided that they should not be less than 10 pages and not more than 30 pages. Three copies are sent with a CD according to the Microsoft office 2010. The researcher’s name, scientific title , Full workplace, telephone number, fax, and email in Arabic and English .

Publishing Fees : the publication fees are (145000 IQD) for the researchers from Iraq and  the amount of ($100) for the foreign researchers .The research is published after receiving the above mentioned amounts and the researcher needs to fill out a special application form and a special undertaking obtained from the editorial board of the journal .

It is preferable to submit topics and research to the journal in the form of applied and field studies, evaluation of cognitive methods and concepts, comparative studies and case studies, construction and developing models or theoretical frameworks.