Al-Muthanna Journal for Administrative and Economic Sciences ( MJAES) is an international journal that deals with modern research in administrative, economic, accounting, banking and statistical disciplines. The articles are previewed by the editorial board for the primary acceptance or rejection, then sent to the scientific juries to conform their acceptance or rejection and  inform the researcher with a private  message. The issues of this journal are published electronically  quarterly, i.e. four issues per year, and  the researchers can obtain their copies online.

MJAES seeks to provide a wide range of scientific researchers around the world to share results on all administrative, economic, accounting, statistical, financial and banking aspects to disseminate innovative, relevant and useful information in all areas of the scientific horizon to enable specialized researchers to gain a closer perspective on disciplines related to their areas of interest.

The Editorial Board reviews each article submitted to the journal and then sends it to peer-review. The journal accepts research articles by answering fast communication. Papers will be accepted in Arabic and in English. The basic Standards for publishing a scientific research in MJAES is the scientific quality and relative importance of each article.